The Learning Support program is focused on developing math and reading skills for students who are below grade level in these subjects.  In reading the main focus is on building decoding, fluency and comprehension skills to help the student improve reading skills.  Programs are selected based on the needs of the child and work on specific skills that the child needs.  In math, students work on specific skills they are deficient in and parallel the regular education curriculum to learn new skills.  Practice and reinforcement of basic skills are spiraled throughout the school year.  Corrective programs are chosen based on needs. 

The Emotional Support program provides academic and social/emotional support for students who have demonstrated difficulty in the regular school environment due to emotional and behavioral factors. Specialized, research based techniques in behavioral management, group dynamics, instruction and emotional development are used to increase the student's awareness of his or her feelings, thoughts, and behavior so they can develop the skills needed for successful integration into the regular school program and the community.