Tax Programs

The Donegal School District administers various taxes. Currently the District collects the following taxes:
Real Estate Tax - 21.4453 millage rate
Per Capita Tax - $5.00 per person (Section 511)
Per Capita Tax - $5.00 per person (Section 679)
Occupation Tax - $5.00 per person employed within the district
Real Estate Transfer Tax - 0.5%
Earned Income Tax - 0.5%
The Donegal School District annual census forms have been mailed. Forms should have been received mid March. Please return promptly. If you did not receive a form, please call the Census Office at 717-492-1310. Thank you.

Important Dates:  


Real Estate Tax bills issued      7/1/2013
Per Capita Tax bills issued        7/1/2013

Full Payment plan                                             

2 % Discount due by            9/3/2013
Base due by                      10/31/2013
Penalty due by                  12/31/2013

Installment Plan

1st Installment due by           9/3/2013

2nd Installment due by      10/31/2013

3rd Installment due by       12/31/2013


Please Note: For homeowners the per capita tax bill will be included in the same envelope as your real estate tax bill. If you escrow your real estate taxes, your per capita taxes will not be paid by your mortgage company.  Payment of the per capita tax is the responsibility of taxpayer. If you don’t receive your tax bills by mid-July or if you have any questions regarding these taxes, please contact the Tax Office at 717-492-1310.